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PMI日本支部女性コミュニティ 2023夏季イベント レポート(2023/7/30)





報告者:PMI日本支部理事 小川原陽子

This summer event was held on board a ship.

At dusk, the eight participants changed into yukata of their choice and began boarding the ship. We departed from Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal and cruised around the highlights of Tokyo Bay. We thoroughly enjoyed cruising for about 1 hour and 45 minutes while enjoying the night view and meals from the boat, as well as the onboard events and productions that can only be found on a summer cruise.

Onboard the ship, we completed a mission to shoot content for a short educational video commemorating the 25th anniversary. We were also able to have a lively discussion about the future activities of the community.

Normally, our regular meetings are held online, but this time, we deepened our friendship by having face-to-face conversations, and it became a fond memory of the summer.

Reported by Yohko Ogawara, Director of PMI Japan



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