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PMI日本支部女性コミュニティ 定例会第17回 レポート



























PMI Japan Chapter Women's Community Regular Meeting No. 17 Report

The 17th regular meeting was divided into two sessions.

The first half was the results of the questionnaire survey by WG3 and the hearing on it,

and the second half consisted of "recommended video contents" and "ultra-short menu."

In the first half, WG3 reported on the results of the "10 Questions on PM and Carbon Neutrality" survey conducted within the women's community,

After that, the participants were divided into two teams to share information on the survey contents and results.

The following is a summary of what came out of the discussion.

-It is easy to get people involved if you change the wording (ESG, SDGs, CO2 reduction, etc.).

-Women's restrooms are turned off, but men's restrooms are left on.

-The Corona disaster has led to telecommuting and paperless offices.

  ⇒The Corona disaster has led to telecommuting and paperless workplaces.

   ⇒Face-to-face meetings are more informative, and follow-up with new graduates is important.

-Corporate clients are more likely to take action, and the impact of office relocations, etc. is greater.

-Individuals have tighter purse strings.

-It was a new discovery to reduce CO2 emissions by PJ rules ⇒Rental servers, renewable energy, measures against food loss at drinking parties, etc.

-Environmental consideration is a point when selecting or being selected as a vendor.

The fact that we can contribute to carbon neutrality even within our PJs just by changing our viewpoints a little was a big realization for me.

The second half of the video content included PMI, TED and YouTube content, as well as movies and audio-only content.

Personally, I was interested in YouTube content for learning English.

In the "Super Shortcut Menu," while delicious-looking dishes were introduced, the great line, "Shortcut is to use no knife" was uttered. Many of the recipes use frozen foods or flavor with a single seasoning. There was even a trick to heat up the returned goods from the hometown in a microwave oven.

The hour and a half went by in a flash.

Thank you very much for your participation.

Reported by Toshie Yamamoto



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