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PMI日本支部女性コミュニティ 定例会第13回 レポート



IT業界のメンタルヘルス事情についての説明を聞き、 他の業界よりも比較的過酷な環境に置かれているという認識を改めて持ち、 非定型のプロジェクトを回すPM職の業務負荷も実感。




「パフォーマンスが落ちる」「子供に怒鳴る回数が増える」などの意見があがりました。 そして、それを解消するためのセルフケアでは、 ヨガや走るなど身体を動かすこと、ベランダで植物に水をやる、

バスソルトを入れてゆっくり入浴や月に1回のマッサージなど。 特徴的だったのは、みなさん、独自でセルフケアをしている様子でした。


「One on One」「チャットでの気軽なコミュニケーション」








                         報告者:永井 麻実


PMI Japan Chapter Women's Community Regular Meeting No. 13 Report

The 13th regular meeting was held just after Golden Week.

The theme of the meeting was "Mental Care for PMs".

Hearing an explanation about the mental health situation in the IT industry,

we were reminded of the fact that we are placed in a comparatively harsher environment than other industries.

I also realized the workload of the PM position, which is responsible for atypical projects.

The themes of this meeting were "self-mental care" and "team mental management".

The participants were divided into breakout rooms to share their thoughts and feelings.

First, we discussed what signs to look for when there are mental problems,

Some of the comments included, "my performance slows down," and "I yell at my kids more often."

And in self-care to eliminate it,

physical exercise, such as yoga or running, and watering plants on the balcony,

taking a relaxing bath with bath salts, and getting a massage once a month.

What was unique was that everyone seemed to be doing their own self-care.

And as for team mental management,

"one on one" and "casual communication via chat",

"praise and recognition for each other," etc were mentioned.

How do we do this when we are with people who don't fit in at work?

"Find a way to work it out," "appeal to them directly and ask them to change the assignment," etc.

Some of the topics included such ways.

It was an interesting topic, and there seemed to be no end to the conversation, so

we would like to try again with the theme of mental health at a later date.

Thank you very much for your participation.

                         Reported by Mami Nagai



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