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PMI日本支部女性コミュニティ 第19回 定例会 (2024.2.6) レポート



















The 19th regular meeting consisted of three sessions: a review of last year for individuals, a review of last year for the regular meeting, and a theme to be covered at this year's regular meeting.

In their personal reflections, some of them took on the challenge of new departments and new things, and others were blessed with new encounters.Personally, the declarations of not dealing with old and unchanging people and supporting those with a vibrant future, as well as the physical problems caused by menopause, were very insightful to me.

In reviewing the regular meetings, we heard from happy participants that it was difficult for them to attend regular meetings last year due to the increased number of times they had to come to work, etc., but that they would like to continue to participate.

In addition, real events are concentrated in Tokyo, making it difficult for them to attend. Some of the participants requested that when they travel to Tokyo, we would call on them and would like to go out to dinner with them.

In response to these requests, we decided to increase the number of opportunities to meet in real life, not only on business trips to Tokyo, but also on business trips to other parts of the country, by calling out to the community.

Others suggested that, although WG1 implements a different theme each time, it would be good to have a place to decide on a theme, work on it carefully, and have a place for Output (e.g., presentation in a forum), as in WG3.

Finally, the following items came up as topics to be addressed at the regular meeting.

・Future career

・Acquisition of new certifications, including PMP

・Changing jobs, side hustles

・Diversity and work style reform


・AI and other recent technologies

・Program management, portfolio management

Various themes were raised.

We hope to discuss many themes this year in a positive and upbeat manner from the PMIJ-Women's unique perspective.

Reported by Toshie Yamamoto



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