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PMI日本支部女性コミュニティ 第21回 定例会 (2024.4.2) レポート

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PMI日本支部 女性コミュニティには、ロールモデルとなる素敵な方々がいらっしゃいますので、気軽に見学に来て頂けたら嬉しいです。


The 21st regular meeting was held with two main topics: training young people, which is a problem every year, and promoting the activities of veterans, which has become an increasingly popular topic in recent years.

The first theme was on the development of young people.

The young people were generally rated as smart.

However, the following opinions were also expressed.

・Still feel like a student, taking it for granted that the company will train them

・They are not good at real communication and negotiation.

・They immediately run away from groups they feel uncomfortable with.

On the next theme, "promotion of veterans," the following comments were made.


・Does not work on his own and forces others to work for him.

・Sullen when they don't understand something (does not try to learn new things)

However, they will concentrate on what they are interested in and what makes sense to them and finish it. Therefore, many of them commented that it is important to carefully explain the purpose and the intention of the request.

Perhaps as a sign of high expectations, the "training of young people" was more exciting.

There was also an introduction of a case in which the presence of a female role model was a motivating factor for joining the company.

Women's community of PMI Japan Chapter has wonderful role models, and we would be happy if you would feel free to visit us.

Reported by Toshie Yamamoto



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