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PMI日本支部女性コミュニティ 第20回 定例会 (2024.3.5) レポート


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報告者:永井 麻実

The 20th regular meeting was held with the theme of reviewing Working Gloop 3; Social Impact. Also, the other theme was introducing web tools that can be used for projects and what we would like to try this year for our health.

First, from Working Loop 3: Social Impact, a summary of the study group and the survey for women community members was presented. The good things that came out of the workshop included the seamless activities of information gathering, surveys, and events, as well as the ability to maintain motivation for activities. On the other hand, even though the theme was narrowed down to "decarbonization," the theme was still very broad, and the need to align the vector of activities and to establish a system that does not rely solely on volunteer members was an issue for future consideration.

Next, in the introduction of web tools useful for projects, various tools were mentioned, including Backlog, Redmine, Jira, and GitHub, etc. Expectations for AI-based minute-taking, such as Copilot, seemed to be growing.

The final theme focused on health. We discussed what we would like to try for our health this year, along with our experiences of setbacks in challenges and how to keep going. One of the participants said, "I lost weight with the Corona Disaster, but I have gone out and had a drink more often, and now I'm back to normal." This reminds us of the difficulty of managing one's health in increased opportunities to go out and walk around. However, they seemed to be taking on various challenges such as personal training, golf, Pilates, yoga, and hot yoga. Everyone seemed to be taking care of their health even their busy schedule. They also said, "Sleep well! Sleep early and get up early! We also heard many people stressing the importance of sleep.

As an additional topic of the day, in honor of International Women's Day on March 8, we asked each participant to share her thoughts on the theme of "Women Shine as Project Managers. We have edited this video and posted it on PMI Japan Chapter's LinkedIn page as a message from the women's community (link).

Reported by Mami Nagai



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