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PMI日本支部女性コミュニティ 2024新春イベント レポート(2024/1/20)






報告者:PMI日本支部理事 小川原陽子

In 2023, the women's community was able to engage in regular meetings, interviews, SGDs activities, seasonal events, etc. with the active participation of all members. Thank you.

This time, we held the first event of 2024.

First, we discussed “empowerment of women”, which was a theme that had been covered in past regular meetings and had been requested to be further explored. There was a lively exchange of views on why the proportion of women in leadership roles in Japan is so low compared to other countries, and what should be done to change this situation.

After that, as a New Year's tradition, each member wrote resolutions for the new year.

After the event, we moved to an Italian restaurant and deepened our friendship over lunch. We were inspired by each other's vitality, and it was a very fulfilling opportunity.

Reported by Yohko Ogawara, Director of PMI Japan



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