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PMI日本支部女性コミュニティ 2023冬季イベント レポート(2023/11/18)







報告者:PMI日本支部理事 小川原陽子

At this winter event, we carried out two activities related to SGDs.

On a weekend in Nihonbashi, nine participants arrived with their luggage in a deserted office district. What everyone had on hand was various food items that they had lying around at home. This time, we held a food drive in which we brought in surplus food items and donated them to welfare organizations and food banks.

After making a list of the food items we had collected, we held a study session and discussion to address the issue of global warming.

We also made a Christmas wreath as a fun project. Here too, we used recycled items such as ribbons and marbles that we had left over at home. Then, with free ideas, a unique wreath was created.

So far, we have completed a variety of programs on schedule with excellent time management. We moved to an Italian restaurant and deepened our friendship over a luncheon. It was a very fruitful meeting as we received ideas for future activities from members who were participating for the first time.

Reported by Yohko Ogawara, Director of PMI Japan



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