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PMP®はプロジェクト管理の知識や理解度を測る資格であり、「仕事・転職で役立つ資格 (*1)」の1位にランキングされていることからも分かるとおり、社内での評価や経験者採用に有利に働くことが広く認知されています。

今般、PMI日本支部女性コミュニティは、女性が取得を目指す資格として、日経WOMANからのPMP®についての取材を受けました。女性コミュニティの6名のメンバーが座談会形式でインタビューを受け、PMP®保持者からみたPMP®のメリット、受験方法、受験対策 等を語っていただきました。また、これからPMP®に挑戦するメンバーからは、なぜPMP®を目指すのか、PMP®の魅力は何か 等をお話しいただきました。参加した女性コミュニティの皆さんはプロジェクトマネジメント愛があふれており、ディスカッションは大変盛り上がりました。




日経WOMAN 2024年5月号はこちら:

報告者:浦田 有佳里、小川原 陽子


PMP® is a qualification that measures the knowledge and understanding of project management, and as you can see from the fact that it is ranked number one in "Qualifications useful for job/career change (*1)", it is highly effective for internal evaluation and hiring of experienced people. It is widely recognized that it works to your advantage.

Recently, the PMI Japan Chapter Women's Community was interviewed by Nikkei WOMAN about PMP®, a qualification that women aim to obtain. Six members of the women's community were interviewed in a round-table discussion and talked about the benefits of PMP® from the perspective of PMP® holders, how to take the exam, and how to prepare for the exam. In addition, members who are about to take on the challenge of PMP® talked about why they are aiming for PMP®, what is the appeal of PMP®, etc. The members who participated were overflowing with love for project management, and the discussion was very lively. If you are interested in project management or PMP®, please take a look.

Nikkei WOMAN's May 2024 issue (released on April 6th) features the theme “Let's start a new year! Let's start something new! Studying and qualifications.” In addition to books, electronic versions are also published.

Click here for Nikkei WOMAN May 2024 issue :

Reported by Yukari Urata, Yohko Ogawara



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