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PMI日本支部女性コミュニティ 定例会第12回 レポート




















PMI Japan Chapter Women's Community 12th Regular Meeting Report

One of the management members said that she received a "moyamoya question" from her supervisor at a fiscal year end interview. This story evolved and led to the 12th regular meeting where we shared our thoughts on the subject of "PM's Moyamoya," such as "Something doesn't make sense" and "Does this make sense?

"When everyone speaks a second language, I can converse in English without hesitation,"

"I feel cultural differences at work."

"Although women are being given preferential treatment in order to increase the percentage of female employees, it is necessary to reform the way of working, which requires a lot of overtime work, and to recognize the unconscious exclusion of women."

We were able to talk about a variety of issues, including those that we ourselves are facing, such as "the increase in indirect work is making it difficult to find fulfillment," and "our expertise is being outweighed by our members."

"There are excessive expectations for PM and DX, such as dramatic effects."

"PMs are mistaken for managers and are shunned by members."

"PMs who are running stable operations are not appreciated."

I was also interested to hear that the PM position should be evaluated more highly.

There were so many comments and sympathies in response to one [moyamoya] that there was not enough time to introduce all of them. All of the "moyamoya" were generated from a positive attitude, and I myself was empowered by everyone's cheerful attitude of trying to break through.

Also, although I was not very good at facilitation for the first time, I was able to serve until the end with everyone's help.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

Reported by Toshie Yamamoto



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